luni, 6 iunie 2011

Me again

Do you know what this is ALL about? It's all about love. Love. LOVE.
All the running.
It's not about money,  or trips, or big houses or fancy clothes or anything else.It's not about fame and it's not about being someone or having the nicest things and fancy cars etc etc etc.
It's all about love, darling. It always was, it always is.
I am being stupid living my life in  a fancy place and without having the slightest chance to love.
I am lying to myself and living not my life; I am living someone's life convincing myself it is mine.
A break just does good- cleares up your mind, makes you realise what's really important and what you really want in your life.
It's all about LOVE. Don't forget it, no matter how many times you must repeat it to yourself.


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